I've finally decided to and got around to sharing my original MIDI compositions.  The XG collection I created using the Yamaha XG Softsynth on my old (now virtually dead) laptop from several years ago.  The MP3 recordings of the XG MIDIs are a little off beat probably since I rerecorded them on the tailing edge of that laptop's life. The GM links contain my most recently completed originals including MP3 recordings using a Roland SoundCanvas soundfont for playback which I now use regularly.   XG Originals: MP3 Pack (zip):  https://www.dropbox.com/s/murfprk0ckpdboc/Psyrus_XG_MP3.zip?dl=0   GM Originals: MP3 directory, MIDI directory, MIDI zip   Alternate listening method:
Soundcloud GM album - "Mystic Worlds": https://soundcloud.com/psyrus82/sets/mystic-worlds