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MIDI Originals [11/04/17]

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I've finally decided to and got around to sharing my original MIDI compositions.  The XG collection I created using the Yamaha XG Softsynth on my old (now virtually dead) laptop from several years ago.  The MP3 recordings of the XG MIDIs are a little off beat probably since I rerecorded them on the tailing edge of that laptop's life.

The GM links contain my most recently completed originals including MP3 recordings using a Roland SoundCanvas soundfont for playback which I now use regularly.


Dropbox links:


XG Originals:

MP3 Pack (zip):  https://www.dropbox.com/s/murfprk0ckpdboc/Psyrus_XG_MP3.zip?dl=0


GM Originals:

MP3 directory (Updated 11/04/17)


Edited by Psyrus : Updating, cleaning up

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3 hours ago, Mr. Trotl said:

Nice job the cosmos remix is great, love it.

Thanks.  It seems to be a favorite to most.  By the way, I called it a "remix" because it's based on the original I made back in 2003 which I no longer have.  I took the original GM MIDI and doctored it up for XG playback.

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These are really cool. Titan's Rain is very sneaky and would set the mood perfectly in an atmospheric map. Multiverse sounds like a perfect tune for a deathmatch map. Good stuff!

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On 8/29/2017 at 3:52 AM, Neo Te-Aika said:

May I ask which Yamaha softsynth they were recorded from?

Yamaha S-YXG50.  Dizzy-Jig is the exception which was played through the Yamaha MU100 module with the help of somebody else.  The two use virtually the same samples though.


10 hours ago, Doomkid said:

Multiverse sounds like a perfect tune for a deathmatch map.

Interesting.  I haven't been involved in the deathmatch community, but I would guess that most MIDI choices for DM maps would be relatively fast paced.

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Haha, they are actually really great, you should keep the work! Multiverse is quite fun, I really like the Synth effect, would love to hear it in a Wad. Titan Rain makes feel quite nostalgic, I enjoy it. 



''Feel pain one last time.'' 

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I just added "Nucleus" and "Astray" to the GM zip.  Eventually I will know how to link the folder properly so people will be able to access individual files instead of having to re-download the zip every time.

Edited by Psyrus

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A few updates:


Removed GM zip and created/linked MP3 directory containing GM originals (link at main post).

Added "Relic" to MP3 directory.

Updated and cleaned up main post a bit to accommodate changes.

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