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Geo's Bad Doom Art Showcase! Now with Halloween + Random Image Thread

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I put these here so it doesn't get lost in the forum shuffle with a thread that will be inevitably locked as Halloween 2017 ends.



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More 2017




Looks like I forgot to color the teeth and botched a few lines. A pirate would have worked as well for Cyberstien.


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Someone posted something on the Random Image Thread. I felt inspired. Perhaps my quickest piece of art.







Over in the Halloween thread I made My Little Painy. It seems to get less likes.



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From the random image thread:




From the thread about Doomworlders looking down upon slaughter maps:




From the bad song thread:



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Someone had Bob Ross saying "let's put a happy crusher right there." So I did.



On 11/17/2017 at 7:35 PM, reflex17 said:









That's probably my quickest art.

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