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You have been blessed with the powers of a Dragon

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Tell us about your new power


Choose one from each category


Alternatively just what would be your favorite premise for a dragon.



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Sure, I'll bite.

A Masked Guardian Mechanical Wyvern.

Masked: You leave me alone, I leave you alone and we're all happy. I do my job and you do yours and we're fine. You agitate me, I kill you and no will give a fuck and dismiss it as an accident.

Guardian: Because I don't like being worshipped, having lots of gold for no reason, eating virgins or sleeping for a whole year. I'd rather do something active and productive, so I'll protect some thing I apparently care about.

Mechanical: I play Doom for fucks' sake :P It's about time I stomped on the Cyberdemon with my own arsenal of crazy firepower.

Wyvern: Gotta go fast and gotta blend in quickly. They'll never see me coming.

Edited by Voros

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I would go with a Majestic Worship Crystal Dragon.


Dragon, because the average size makes for a strong dragon in combat and a fast one in case of evasive maneuvers. Plus, he can be scary to some opponents.


Crystal, because he can absorb energy, which is what most dragons attack with (if another dragon attacked physically, the Crystal Dragon would have an ok size to withstand the hit). Also, enemies hit by crystal shards freeze from the inside. Cool!


Worship, because it is the safest option, it allows for freedom of movement and for a dragon that helps the worshippers.


Majestic, because it helps with the effect of Worship, granting the Dragon certain immortality and a huge life full of good deeds (minimum threat, since everybody is happy with the dragon).

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2 minutes ago, CzechMate29200 said:


Open the image in a new tab so you can take a better look, and choose your favorite from each category.

You don't need to read everything, you can just go from the pictures and the names if you want to.

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I just wanna be Godzilla


Shenlong so I can make the weather cold and snowy around me all year long


Skeletal 'cause it's gothy


Guardian for no particular reason


Divine 'cause I can't take sagacity


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As a giant dragon I'd just go around burning villages to the ground. Since I could fly or... kill everyone word would never spread. Instead travelers from nearby towns would find everything burnt to the ground and wonder... Did a cow kicked over a lantern? Everyone would be like dragons don't exist! Until it was too late. Nothing could stop me. What another dragon could occupy the same area? It would be doing the same thing to each village like a hawk stomping a squirrel.

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Assuming that this is the modern day world and not some fantasy equivalent, I'd probably decline the offer, if only because crazy dragon shit really isn't my thing (oh and I don't want to be dissected, especially given that all the mythological monsters are apparently returning, if the government assumes I'd be a problem/threat).


Though if that's not an option/my hometown is going to be filled with trolls of the non-internet variety, I'd go with Red Dragonborn Guardian Masked.


Red because it's the most generic option and because I can circumvent cold weakness with cold-weather gear (I mean, if the Russians can do it, so can I). Also, breathing fire is always handy if you really need something melted/fifty cigarettes lit at once.


Dragonborn because having flight/breath weapon on instant demand (as well as human-form) is very, VERY good. Also, it means if I have to do dragon-y shit in Siberia or whatever, I don't have to remove whatever warm clothes I've got. Also because I'm too lazy to find a huge cave or whatnot to use as a sleeping area.


Guardian because if it's a place of my choosing I can just find some extremely durable small cube of corrosion/rust resistant metal, bury it deep in the ground, and just make sure that general area isn't going to be subject to things like land reclamation or whatnot. Thus I don't have to do stupid things like eat cows or sleep for 6 months (assuming it's less than a year, because Dragonborn are relatively small) every decade. Also, if I ever get tired of living, I can just go to the cube and destroy it in some fashion.


Masked because I don't want people noticing things "off" from me, and it pays to be able to pass as a normie if there's a witch dragon hunt or whatnot going on.


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Hibernating Red Divine Tianlong.


Hibernating... I like sleeping and dreaming.

Red... I get cold easily.

Divine... being lucky sounds good.

Tianlong... so I can check the stars when it's a good time to sleep.

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Masked Hibernating Scaleless Dragonborn seems like a perfect fit for me.


Edit: Can't into logic. Replace Scaleless by Crystal.

Edited by Kira

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Dragonborn: As cool as the other types are, I enjoy having hands. The ability to instantly change can also be a good way to hide.


Mechanical: Being mechanical and having the ability to shoot rockets out of your mouth? How cool is that? Unless of course it renders me unable to eat conventional food (I'm not giving up hamburgers for anything). Being able to eat metal to self repair is also cool.


Hibernation: Having people worship me is tempting, but I'd rather not have people praising me nonstop. I also like sleeping.


Sagacity: Being a robotic rocket-launching dragon-person is already awesome enough to feed my ego. With sagacity, I will hopefully get people on my side without simply blowing their minds. Also being likable is good.


Also, has anyone thought of alerting the world that there will be monsters coming out of thin air?  


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Majestic scaleless wyvern with immorality at the price of hibernation.


Let's see, I like sleep, I always try to play the Glass Cannon/Fragile Speedster (I would like to think I am also such irl) in games, and having a sort of everything-breath sounds cool. And majesty for the hell of it.

Edited by Xyzzy01

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Eh, I think I'd like to be a worshiped mechanical wyrm who's divine in nature because I like the idea of people praying to the super turbo awesome giant mecha sand worm who gives them good luck.


It'd be the greatest religion.

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A red, terrifying, gold hoarding dragonborn. 


Red: Well this one is kind of obvious. I like the colour red, and being immune to fire and being able to breath it is pretty awesome. Being weak to the cold is a bit of a downer though, but there is no such thing as a free lunch!


Terror: I find this'd be a plus. People wouldn't mess with you because just a glare would send 'em packing, and if you wanted to, you could fear people into subservience. Also everyone being really intimidated by you just appeals in a way.


Gold hoarding: You're rich. Really, really rich. Need I say more? To quote Max Bialystock "flaunt it baby, flaunt it!".


DragonBorn: You get the best of both worlds here. Being a human sized bipedal dragon is better than you might think. You can walk around human cities, hang around town, and do anything a human can do with some added draconian bonuses. Also, assuming the timeline, you can shoot guns (f**k yeah, guncaster style!). However you also have the power to turn into a regular dragon, so if things start to go south, dragon time! Oh yeah, also you can protect yourself from the cold by wearing clothing.    

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5 minutes ago, Nevander said:

Can I be a Komodo Dragon?

Sure friend, I'm not your boss.

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Green Guardian Sagacity Dragon.


Green: Because I like nature and dislike large cities.


Guardian: Because I take extremely good care of my personal belongings. (And my friends.)


Sagacity: Because I'm a pretty kind and friendly personality.


Dragon: Because I like being the happy medium in everything.

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