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I made a WAD

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This is my first time officially publishing a Doom Wad. Please tell me what you think.

Read the text document before playing, it explains everything and shows the credits.


--This was made for Zandronum and Skulltag, it might not work on other engines--
WAD created by B0mB SPAmmER
TouchySubject.WAD is a DooM WAD where you touch enemies to kill them.

Even though you take 2.5 times more damage, you regenerate health.
Ammo, except for shells, have been replaced with coins. I am too lazy to make fun powerups.
It may not seem like much, but it makes a very different way to play the game.


Primary Fire: Launches a bolt that deals damage, it uses shotgun ammo. 2 shells.
Secondary Fire: Block/Deflect projectiles.
Idle: Attack with melee, dealing 5 damage every 1 frame.


Sounds: DooM 64 and Raven Software
Sprites: id Software and Raven Software
Scripting: B0mB SPAmmER
HUD: Sargeant_Mark_IV
Editing Software: SLADE


Edited by B0mB SPAmmER

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