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General Rainbow Bacon

Hell's Diamond (challenge map)

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Here's a map I made today.  Has a high difficulty.  Think the chord series.  


Well, was going to post some pics, but there's no free image hosting site worth a shit anymore.  




I'll give a cookie to anyone who maxes this.  


EDIT: Fixed some issues.

Edited by General Rainbow Bacon : fixed errors

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nice idea, i make demo of this wad:




i don't think it is possible to get max kills, there are cacodemons outside map who cannot move and won't teleport to fight you


some criticism/error:


1- there are missing textures in the library, on the stair with the skull buttons on it and on the walls at the secret with two rocket boxes (only viisble when it opened)


2- if you run fast enough you can get stuck down where the "fake yellow key" is and aren't able to get out


3- cacodemons who can't move, like i said before


greetings steam.net ;) ;D

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Nope. Still not maxable. But yes, hard.


The middle of the three off-map library AVs has no sector tag to teleport to. But the one on the right has two locations.


False yellow key area - the wall which is supposed to lower releasing the two PEs and giving access to the escape teleport is set up as a door. And is there even a reason to use that teleport since you can walk back to the one around the corner in the non-damaging nukage?

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Oh true forgot I put those teleports there.  And I'll fix that AV thing.


AV is fixed.  And removed that extraneous tele'


Also, that nukage was supposed to damage.  Must've removed the tag by accident somehow.

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