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Blast Balance - Ultimate Doom endgame map

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Just a simple linear boss map I made in 3 days, nothing awe-inspiring about it, just plug and play. Inspired by Scythe and 90's wads, low monster count. Please look for game-breaking bugs and other things.


Name: Blast Balance

Map Format: Limit-removing (Almost was a vanilla map, cave section killed it)

Ports tested: Prboom+, GZDoom, Chocolate Doom

IWAD: Ultimate Doom

Map: E4M8

Music: Sealed Theme from Final Fantasy V (from vgmusic)

Gameplay: Singleplayer (coop starts there but untested, no deathmatch)

Difficulty Settings: Marginal (no major differences)

Build Time: 3 days













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Played it. Some parts were neat—I liked the crumbling cave section and the strobe effect you use for when the player runs down the final hallway. I think you need some sort of enemy (pinky/caco) to block the player from fleeing from the initial room with the imps in their cages, and it'd be nice if the cave had gradient lighting around the pillars instead of the entire thing being at one brightness. Mixed feelings about the SMM battle: the was she's glued to the lift can make combat awkward since you can only reliably hit a few times every like 5 seconds, but SMM battles are extremely difficult to design by nature.

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link has been updated. Still looking for bugs/other discrepancies before I finally upload it, wait, how do I upload files in the new forum system again?

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I've tried your map because why not, not sure what testers usually say about new maps, I liked this, in fact I tried to record a demo, the first one as I wasn't expecting that ending, I run into the exit because I didn't notice the BFG in my hands, further tries ended up as failures due to partial invisibility which is something I'm not a fan of. So, aside from that, the map it's practically easy. Found all the secrets, the SMM arena was ok, I didn't find any problems with that. Cool effect with the lights at the last tunnel. 


The demo is still pending.

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