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Megawads with huge maps?

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Hi everyone, what are some megawads that come with huge maps like those in Hell on Earth Starter Pack? 

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48 minutes ago, Roofi said:

Not a megawad but you should try Counter-Attack by Mechadon.

I'd second this.  Very detailed, definitely making the most of the regular Doom 2 textures and creating real, believable spaces.

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Velapax , by mechadon, the guy is known for producing huge maps. Please don't play eternal (bore)doom it's horrible, and eviltech can be repetitive with all the tech base maps but it's still enjoyable.

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Urania has consistently large and lengthy maps despite being vanilla format. I'll also second Hellbound as having huge, highly detailed maps.

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Back to Saturn X (at least episode 1, which I'm playing) levels are quite big too.

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1 minute ago, Bauul said:

Deus Vult Map05 is worth a shot.

And by extension, Deus Vult II Map29 ;)

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As DV map 5 and DV2 map 29 are essentially the same map, the choice becomes which music you prefer for a multi-hour playthrough and would you prefer the normal chainsaw or Sauron's Gauntlets for melee?  (though I suppose loading custom music and IDMUS exist...)


For really huge maps, how about Eternal Doom 4, Return From Oblivion?  Some would not call it a megawad due to only 7 maps.  The 3 map hub has merely big maps, it's the last 4 which are enormous monstrosities that are like several maps worth of space packed into one.

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Community Chest 3 is an awesome megawad with the most extraordinary [huge] level I've ever played. 


That beast is called Black Rain.


Try it and you won't be disappointed.



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On 8/24/2017 at 3:12 AM, Crusader No Regret said:

Eternal Doom 4, Return From Oblivion?

Ditto on that one, some of those maps took me over 2 hours to complete.


You can also try:


Deus Vult

Deus Vult 2

The Ultimate Torment & Torture

Austerity - A Simplicity Tribute

MAP29: For We Are Many




Good luck trying to get through any of these maps because some of them are freakin' huge. Some of them have hundreds to even upwards to a thousand plus enemies. Don't say I did not warn you.


Edit: These are not mega wads sorry but they have huge levels anyways.

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There are some huge maps in all of the Community Chest map sets.  However not all the maps are huge in each megawad.  In addition to those posted above.

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