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Equilateral pentagon (Mapping)


I'm trying to create a star shaped in doom builder whit his internal geometry based in an equilateral pentagon i'm having much dificults to do it someone can teach me drawn it in GZDoom builder or drawn me one? sorry if my inglish was hard to understand.

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The curve tool is fantastic:






Note that you can do this for any polygon, at any basis angle (i.e. you can do this starting from any linedef at any angle).


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After seeing this i should kill myself, that was so simple and i having headcaches to drawn it, thanks so much.


Edit: Done, i did the star from inside the polygon and it get finnaly at the shape of i wanted.

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11 hours ago, Xindage said:

that was so simple

And it can be even more simple: Go to "Draw Ellipse" mode, write "5" into the "Sides" box that will appear on the top panel, and click into the map just once to begin and once more to finish creating a pentagon.

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