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Your first map...what was it like?

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2 hours ago, Memfis said:

Wow! That map is very enjoyable, possibly my favorite in the whole wad. Since you say "worked on", does that mean that it was touched up by someone else? How much of the level is yours?

Anthony finished the map for me as I had a personal tragedy happen towards the end of that map; so between 75% - 85% I did.


On a side note I just found an old disk containing a much earlier version and might revisit it.  (might)

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My very first map was just three little rooms, and it was built with the sole purpose of learning how to use Doom Builder, so I'm not even sure you can call it a map.


My first real attempt at a map isn't that great (or great at all), although I'm still proud of some of the sections in it. The last part of the map was fucking hard. Not fun challenge hard, but unbalanced hard. It had an Arch-Vile and a bunch of Imps in a big room with very little space to dodge anything, so in UV you pretty much just had to hope RNG didn't fuck you up.

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I was trying to do expansive level design without really grasping it. Six years ago I was still naming levels after Rammstein songs and random food stuff.

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My first map was merely a testing ground. I tinkered around here there, trying to understand what's good and what's bad. That map was supposed to be called "Devil's Run", because you have to run if you don't want to get killed by all the enemies (although, I now see that was nothing compared to difficulty other mappers pull off). I still remember the layout and most of thing placement. Even added a Wolf3D secret via teleporter (which didn't work half the time. I'll never understand how those things work).

It was simply an experiment and I failed to make double-sided working doors.

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29 minutes ago, Bauul said:

My first map took me about a year, damn near nearly killed me, ended up so big it broke every NodeBuilder except ZDBSP, but to my great surprise was pretty well received!







Link pls

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For my first "working" map it was a room with 3 zombiemen and another room with a chaingunner and an exit.

For the first finished one i made it was a sewer level thing that was supposed to the first level of a wad i'm making.

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Waaay back when (like 17 years ago) i used to modify the standard Doom 2 maps in WinDEU and add enemies and shit, but i guess that doesn't really count as a map. They were like very rudimentary versions of Go 2 It type maps and for whatever reason mostly used Map31 (WHY?!). Those exploits have long been lost.


In 2010 when i first registered here i started on an actual map and somehow the file has survived a couple of PC changes - it's broken, unfinished (there's like 3 rooms made) and is total noob rubbish but here it is anyway.


In 2014 sometime i made a concerted effort to actually complete a scratch made map, and that ended up in DWMP15... decided to revisit it yesterday and record a playthrough for fun and to reminisce, so here that is. I guess technically this was my first complete map. Definitely nothing special but i learned a lot making it! Donna to the Rescue is still an awesome midi.



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A gargantuan square room filled with platforms set at various heights. Rockred1 plastered on every wall. Each platform had a different set of monsters, basically used all the Doom monsters in my map even the SS nazi. Player would start in a small room filled with just about all the weapons and armor, and would then teleport out into the big room. Carnage and mayhem would await the player :) It even had an exit somewhere tucked away in a corner. Strangely enough it took me quite some time to figure out how to make doors, some of my first maps didn't had doors. All from memory though, that brilliant piece of work doesn't exist anymore :p

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Well, Devile 1 was not my first WAD.




First Mod Known: Little Starters Pack

Contents: shitty sprites, monsters, and some decoration. Glad to know it's dead.

Date of Creation: November 16th 2014


First WAD: particleslib.wad

Contents: A bunch of useless particles.

Date of Creation: September 22nd 2015




And now, ladies and gentlemen...


First Map: areva.wad

Contents: a MAP02 that at least is not a square with 1000 cyberdemons (see below)

Date of Creation: September 22th 2015 (woah)



I remember posting this on Doomworld...

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My first level, though I daresay isn't that bad, basically rips so much of the textures and spritework from BYHAE, it practically needs it loaded in order to function properly. I stopped working on mapsets for that when I realized they'd never see the light of day.

Screenshot (48).png

I mean, I -could- upload the map... not sure if thats allowed though.

Edited by Royal_Sir

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I try once, after 8 hours. I still did not understand crap.

I admire the patience of those pro wads makers. 

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