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How to copy Doom 3's design aesthetic?

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Well this isn't really about making levels for Doom 3 itself per say, but rather I am talking about the overall design/look of the levels. One of the things that I love about Doom 3 is that even though the levels themselves are basically just corridors and rooms the entire place looks and feels like a high tech facility because of the advanced level design. This is a design style I would love to emulate in my own levels for other games. Are there any tutorials out there that teach how to make Doom 3 style level design? Note that I am not talking about tutorials for using specific tools, but stuff that actually teaches level design.


EDIT: I think Quake 2 also had a similar tech base look to Doom 3 though not as detailed.

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Much of Doom 3's aesthetic is derived from Aliens and HR Giger's work. Studying those would be a good starting point.

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