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Gzbuilder and Brutal doom , Project brutality weapons and ammo


hello guys,


I want make a maps that have the weapons and upgrade of brutality or brutal. How should i do it? :)

I have make some maps , but I would like to make a maps for doom classic and for guys that test it with project brutality or brutal doom but with the new weapons. :D

Do I have to do it with action scripting? 

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If you want your map to be playable both with and without the gameplay mod, it's actually best to NOT load the gameplay mod in GZDB as a resource while editing your map. If you loaded it, you could use things specific to the gameplay mod in your map, and they would end up not working if the map was played without the gameplay mod. Instead, just make a normal map, and when you want to playtest it with the gameplay mod, do it outside of GZDB instead of through its test map feature.


On the other hand, if you want your map to be playable only with the gameplay mod, the ideal way is to load the gameplay mod in GZDB as a resource, allowing you to use the gameplay mod's specific things in your map, and allowing easy testing through GZDB's test map feature.

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It should be as simple as knowing what actors replace what and then make your map with that in mind. A mod like PB or BD probably don't mess around with new actors to place in the editor and instead is almost exclusively replacement.

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Do not include BD or PB assests in your map files. Just make the map like you would with vanilla and just instruct the players to run with the mods.


To add unique monsters and actors from the mods into your map you should script them in. Find what their name / id is with Slade.


However I see some obstacles you will face. PB is heavy on randomization so it may not always produce the results you intend. Even more challenging is making a polished map friendly to vanilla and PB. If you script a unique item or monster from PB into your map, there is no way someone playing without the mod is going to see it. Maybe hand pick some resources directly from the mods and give them a unique name/id and add them into your map files? But I personally wouldn't attempt it unless I was a pro.


I advise to just make a wad for either a specific mod or not at all. Download and load level 9 of my wad Operation UAC and see how I scripted the last 2 Bosses in referencing resources from BD.

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