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Eric the Sandvich

Changing door sound for speed difference?

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The fast door sounds trigger when the speed of a door is 64 or more.


However my custom door sound isn't in sync, it needs to be at least 48, but the regular door sound triggers at that number.


Do I have to script it in ACS or is there an easier alternative method? I will have multiple fast moving doors throughout my map.


I use gzDoom in Hexen format.

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I replaced the sounds, that's what I've done so far.


I'm looking to see if I can play these fast door sounds at door speeds lower than 64, i'm asking if there is an easier way than just scripting as I will have many doors on my map that go with those speeds lower than 64.

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If you need different sounds per door, you can also override the sound sequence being used and define a new one through SNDSEQ. But you will have to set these explicitly for each door, either through the corresponding UDMF property or by placing a sound sequence override thing in the sector.


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