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First Finished Map i Made

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Inspired by Doom 2's early levels.

It's kind of a sewer thing i guess.

You shouldn't expect anything that good this is my third map and the first one i feel is at least presentable.

I used GZDoom Builder for this and i tested it with PRBoom+ and Chocolate Doom..





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Decent first map. The texturing is logical and there are some interesting details such as the shadows on the screenshot you posted.


Why did you put an impassable flag on that lava behind the start? It's kind of silly.


The monster placement is a bit too basic. Nothing ever attacks the player from behind so the fights are very easy. Also it's not particularly exciting to fight an arch-vile that is locked in a cage.


It's great that you've included some secrets but most players will find them way too easy to spot (you just have to look for different looking walls). Try to come up with more subtle hints.


I think it's a good time for you to experiment with more complex shapes. Not everything has to resemble a rectangle. Keep it up!

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Hi Memfis, Thanks for this map!


Played it through and It was fine. The lava and stuff at the start is confusing, I thought it's gonna be a secret but it was just weird. The rooms looked nice, comfortable to play however the "key" rooms are kind of boring way too linear. It's fine as it is but should be more complicated I think. I took 3 min to finish the map, so it could be a little longer, you should edit on what you have done and re-release it in the future i think. I noticed too much ammonition/hp vs the enemy count, perhaps try to balance things out little better next time, kind of easy to beat map.


However it was actually fun to play and it's nice.

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