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Which all tracks from the soundtrack is your favourite?

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Posted (edited)

Only one and that would be Harbinger. Especially the calm parts that play between the fights in Argent Facility level.

Also nice that in the "heavy parts" the Doom 3 theme is mixed in.


Everyone seems to automatically go to BFG division, which just didn't strike me in any special way.

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I see a lot of love for BFG Division, and it's too one of my favorites, but this little piece that plays during the lift ride up to VEGA is one of the most ominous things I've heard. For me it stands out from the rest of the soundtrack.


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Posted (edited)

I like SkullHacker.


That VEGA elevator lift is also pretty cool, because of how unexpected it was. It goes perfectly with those giant doors opening. VEGA should have been a boss too. The main room seems to suggest that he was originally supposed to be the Spider Mastermind. 


Snapmap also has some interesting ones. One of them sounds like it is from...Dune 2?



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