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MTF Sergeant

Lowest Graphics settings for DOOM

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Well, I have been playing DOOM on my PS4 and I eventually completed it, but I really wanted to play it on PC. I know my laptop wouldn't meet the minimum requirements since it has only 4 gigs of RAM, Intel i3 Core Processor, and a GTX 460.


I downloaded the demo From Steam and from the beginning itself, it started lagging. I hardly managed to get to the fricking options menu. So, I am trying to get the lowest graphical settings required for me to play this game. Should I just set everything to low?

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That's one option, but I think upgrading your rig (provided you have the funds, which I'm inclined to doubt judging by your OP) would be a better option. With that setup, even with the lowest settings possible at 640x480 resolution, I don't think you'll be able to achieve a framerate that's anywhere near playable.

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