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Battle Royale (Floor 1)

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This is a little fun wad i did in 30 mins i hope you enjoy.


Floor 1 contains: 10 rooms, 1 including a boss


make sure to leave feedback if you want another floor, maybe give me a theme for the next one?


Battle Royale (Floor 1).zip



Battle Royale (Floor 1) Screenshots









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Interesting concept, but it shows that very little time was spent on this. The first two 'arena fights' are against a single former human trooper and a single shotgunner. In the more complex fights, which consist of no more than five low-tier monsters in simple rooms, you can even threshold camp against hitscanners by staying in the connective room between arenas, which although unnecessary for survival, feels antithetical to the battle royale concept.


If you want to pursue this concept further, I'd suggest starting over and designing full-fledged areas and fights -- fights you might see in actual maps. Spend a lot more time on it. This floor is already DOA. 

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