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Prboom - Custom texture issue.


So I've finally finished my current mapping project and I wanted to get it working on Prboom for compatibility reasons. The wad does load in ok, however for some reason some of the custom textures show as HOM effects. I could understand it more if all of the custom textures displayed this effect, but some work ok, although most don't work correctly. I can load into the wad on Zdoom without any problems, and I've checked all the custom textures are added into PNAMES correctly in SLADE 3.

I'm still new to all this, so I'm hoping the solution will be straight forward. I've been trying to fix it myself this evening but I've had no luck.

Here is the current version of the wad I'm working with: Technomancy

I'll be very grateful for a solution to this. I only ask you delete the wad file after using it for testing. 

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You need to have those textures defined not only in the PNAMES, but in TEXTURE1 as well. Search the forums on what and how to do all that, someone asks the very same question every half an hour or so.


BTW you seem to have the sky patches from doom2.wad in your WAD, that's illegal you know!

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