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I've tweaked my map!

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Deimos Abandoned Base  #79


Playing it again after a few months break gave me a totally fresh perspective and also after getting feedback from friends and players, I decided to make some changes:


- general progression is a little more obvious

- certain areas have been improved for easier traversing around and less backtracking

- easier access to the SShotgun earlier in the game (the most common gripe)

- general weapon / ammo / health / monster rebalance

- a few new rooms for gameplay consistency

- numerous graphical / lighting touch-ups

- certain secrets a little easier to notice


Disclaimer! : this is not a normal map. This is my attempt of putting a single episode into one large map. It's mostly non-linear and takes around 2 hours to complete. It's a little on the complex side but i don't think its too over the top, shouldn't be a problem for regular DOOMers. Personally i like this style of map and find short and simple maps to be unbearably boring. For a huge map its pretty chock-full of action, adventure and puzzles.

 If you've played my map before and found it lacking, please try my "Director's cut". LOL

I hope you'll enjoy my space base exploration / survival epic. 

If you don't like it, please contact me for a refund. LOL (hey gimme a break, its my first map)


DAB79 at 2017.08.27 10-13-44.544 [R2787].jpg

DAB79 at 2017.08.27 10-16-02.557 [R2787].jpg

DAB79 at 2017.08.27 10-20-01.641 [R2787].jpg

DAB79 at 2017.08.27 10-24-16.670 [R2787].jpg

DAB79 at 2017.08.27 10-26-00.841 [R2787].jpg

DAB79 at 2017.08.27 12-02-13.818 [R2787].jpg

DAB79 at 2017.08.27 12-06-36.794 [R2787].jpg

DAB79 at 2017.08.27 12-08-32.521 [R2787].jpg

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