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First-try Demo Contest #17 (September 2, 14:00 UTC)

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Declaring failure. I died twice in basically the same place after 10 minutes, then I got past that and a lot further, but died a third time, with ~1000 monsters down, after another 30 minutes (so 50 total). At that point I didn't feel like redoing the start a fourth time, or going through the whole north section again.


The map is good, it's a slaughter but not a modern "choreography puzzle" "put a foot wrong and die" slaughter. There is plenty of health/ammo and room to move/dodge around. I think pl32 as guide to difficulty level was underestimating it though. It was more reminiscent of maps like cybersky.wad or oneweek.wad map11 in style. I shall certainly play it again, and hopefully be able to win in one sitting. After the end I looked through the rest, and don't feel it would be totally beyond my capability to beat it if I allow myself a bit more planning/preparation.


Anyway, thanks to @cybermind for the map and contest, @Demon of the Well for testing, and the rest of the players.

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Yes, I think Eternal's "gentle" and forgiving slaughter mapping style is what this map really reminded me of; stuff like Cybersky and Generator of Evil. Good map and worked well for the contest in my opinion.


Slaughter isn't really my forte but I did decent nonetheless, I think. I was extremely close to dying in the very last fight but by some miracle managed to survive. Hopefully the demo was not sent a minute late though but I fear I may get the penalty. Seems that I was ill-prepared for a quick PM after all, and my brain wasn't really working full-speed after the stressful ending.


Thanks for the contest, cybermind!

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Thanks everybody for participating!


@RjY and @Veinen, you are right, I were really under impression of his works, especially freak4.wad map08, Generator of Evil, Belial's Bad Brain and XXXI Cybersky.



A-and, here are the results:


First-try Demo Contest #17
02 September 2017, 14:00 UTC

fdcm19.wad by cybermind
tester - Demon of the Well
iwad - plutonia.wad
map 01, skill 4, complevel 4

$  Player           Total   Deaths   Last   Kil-Sec  Filename                      Upload  Penalty

1  Veinen           31:22     0      31:22   89-16   FDC17_Veinen.lmp              +3       0
2  Bloodite Krypto  39:31     0      39:31   96-0    fdcm19_blooditekrypto.lmp     +1       0
3  Plut             39:43     0      39:43   92-0    PlutFDC19.lmp                 +4       0

4  Demonologist     42:34     0      42:34   98-0    fdc19demonologist.lmp         +0       0
5  JCD              49:56     0      49:56   95-0    fdcm19-4956-JCD.lmp           +4       0
6  tatsurd-cacocaco 51:17     0      51:17   95-16   tatsurd-cacocaco.lmp          +0       0
7  Newb/Beginner    60:34     0      60:34   95-16   fdc19_RDCNewb_DWBeginner.lmp  +4       0
8  Memfis           65:29     1      51:10   94-33   MEMFIS.lmp                    +0       0
9  GrumpyCat       113:12    16      68:57   98-16   GrumpyCat.lmp                 +2       0

   BND              38:15     8      DNF             BND.lmp                       +1       -
   ShamanZT          4:00     3      DNF             ShamanZT.lmp                  +30      -
   StormCatcher77   52:58     3      DNF             StormCatcher77.lmp            +3       -
   Doomstalker      42:26    16      DNF             Doomstalker.lmp               +18      -
   manqbus          46:12     6      DNF             manqbus.lmp                   +1       -
   Ron_Dalas        21:27     6      DNF             Ron_Dalas.lmp                 +147     -



Congratulations to Veinen, Bloodite Krypto and Plut, you are really tough FDA players!


Demos: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jb0npgx1cts8lzg/fdc19demos.zip?dl=0


I hope we will have a new FDC soon from somebody.

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Wait, what do they say about slow and steady again? Oh well, at least I won in the secret hunting category. Thanks for the contest! (and please no more slaughter...)

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Congrats Veinen, that's really fast! Esp. considering the final version got a fair bit nastier in a few places than the version I tested. Very good times from Krypto, Plut and Demonologist as well. I was comparatively slow in the test run, incidentally--I don't remember my final time exactly, but in ballpark terms I think I'd have finished somewhere around 7th or so on this table. A lot of the speedrunning mentality is still very alien to me and my usual way of engaging with the game (esp. during something I've never played before), so I focused way too much on not dying via killing lots of things and gaining decisive control of the map (which I did at least succeed in), and not nearly enough on overall progress. Looks like that was the case for many of you as well, which is a challenge that's more pronounced in this particular genre of map than in something more traditional/conventional, I'd warrant. Sorry 'bout the AWOL BFG blast Memfis, never happened to me, though I did see a pillar late map eat a fireball or two IIRC.


Thanks to everybody who came out for it, and to cybermind for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it, it was certainly an educative and enjoyable experience.

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