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Issue with mirrors

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In MAP02 of the deathmatch WAD I'm working on I have a really weird glitch with the mirror I just can't figure out. It's in the room the player spawns in so it's easy to see. I'm really confused because I've done many mirrors with no problem in the past, if anyone has time to help please do, thanks muchly :)


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If you want to stick with an older version of ZDoom, then keep the area behind the mirror clear of any other sectors for at least the same distance as in front of the mirror, as in




Using a version of GZDoom does not give you that glitch, even when you select the software renderer in the latest GZDoom.

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Yup. Playing Zandronum in Software Mode still gives the glitch.

As I mentioned, the only remedy for software mode is the void behind the mirror.


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42 minutes ago, TheNerdTurtle2 said:

okay thanks guys :] I thought Zandronum was based on GzDoom

You are correct, however, Zandronum is based on an old version of the GZDoom hardware renderer, but s.l.o.w.l.y catching up.

Ever since Rachael (from QDoom) and dpJudas (OpenGL guru) got involved with the development, GZDoom has progressed in leaps and bounds,

so that even the GZDoom software mode rarely glitches.


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