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Peter Heinemann

Great music for Doom detected!

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Well, I can imagine that the great majority of you suspect that classical music can serve as good music whilst dooming.

It happened to me that I played Doom E1M3 without music and the radio played in the background. Then, suddenly - what a surprise - the music fit terrific to the gameplay. What music am I talking about?

"Sable Dance", from the Ballet "Gayaneh", by Khachaturian

Really, believe me, this music is good for turning you into a hurling wind of destruction, it is both humouring and pushing, it will greatly increase your "kills per minute" ratio, I do promise.

Just go to a public or school library and ask for a CD or look on the internet for a mp3.

My advise of artist:
Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra (conductor Vladimir Fedoseyev)

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The Vienna newspaper Die Presse was justified in writing that "all done by this artist or to be done in the future went through his heart and mind. His musicians follow him obediently and work wonders. The same pieces can be performed differently but they cannot be performed better."

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There's a reason Why I actually like some types of classical music.

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dsm said:

There's a reason Why I actually like some types of classical music.

Being...? It's cool when people actually finish their posts.

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The Big Robb said:

I love classical music. What do you recommend?

Well, I love the music of the pre-classical era, known as "baroque", preferably by the English composers William Bird, Henry Purcell, John Blow, Henry Lawes and John Jenkins.

Especially from Purcell´s Odes and Welcomes, written for the members of the royal family or for celebrations of the yearly festivals or to remember historical events ("The Yorkshire Feast Song" = the history of Britannia in notes), you can learn a lot about history. And then there are the "semi-operas", like "King Arthur" or "Timon of Athens". Purcell also wrote a bunch of lovely love songs, some of them, especially the duets, are very funny :)

As a good start, I would recommend "The Fairy Queen", my favourite recording has been relaesed by the label "Harmonia Mundi, France", conducted by William Christie. That is very funny music.

Of course I love to hear other music as well, like the madrigals of "Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa", but those 1. would not make a good Doom music and 2. shock and scare you to death, I am afraid of :)

I should not start talking about Georg Friedrich Händel, since I love his music too much :)

Heh, when it comes to music, I am of the kind of "Renaissance being", I am compatible with - most - music styles (except Dixieland, gasp!), I also like those hard and heavy stuff - and, since someone here on the board recommended "Hyperdriver", I hear this from time to time, too.

A good example for Doom music is what can be found in dwango5, I noticed that some of those songs are recycled pop songs - rofl.

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