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[3DGE] Multiple textures on a model?


Is it possible to use multiple textures on an MDx model?
If so, how does one set it up?

I created a sample mesh just to test various export/import options. which I converted to an MD2 file (since I can't find tutorials for MD3) and apart from it not taking the xyz coordinated in the order I had hoped, the only problem I had was that while I had created an object with three material slots, I could only apply one texture to the model.

So I'm wondering, is it even possible to apply multiple textures to a model in 3DGE?  If so, what is the syntax I use in the ddf?  And are there any other restrictions I face?  (like, does it only work in certain formats, etc.)

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Hey Marscaleb - sorry for the delay here!


Our wiki page on MD2 Models has all the information you need as far

as what commands do what in the game.


If your coordinates aren't aligning, use MODEL_BIAS

Add this to every z coordinate: MODEL_BIAS=24.0; Useful if you don't want to position from Quake 2's original 24 units in an external editor.


Keep in mind that using more than one material group on a mesh/model is only supported with MD5 models. MD2 and MD3 model

formats can only use one skin + a bright map, a normal (bump) map, or specular map. MD5 can also use those too, but as

far as using more than one skin on a model, it is not possible with MD2. I have been majorly rewriting the MD3 code (since

changes to the model physics for MD5 broke it somehow) and it'll be possible to also attach "links" to the models like you could

in Quake 3/etc, so that will eventually be possible for those who don't like using the MD5 format.


To load MD5 models, remember that it needs to be written as such: testmd5.md5mesh, and testmd5.md5anim. You can also

abbreviate those if you aren't using the PAK/PK3/PK7 format to simply TESTMD5 and TESTMD5A. Then, the engine will automap

all of the required skins for the model that it uses (as long as they are defined in IMAGES.DDF first) -- I've used a model that had

up to 25 materials before, so you can imagine how robust you can make them with EDGE. =)



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