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[WIP] Hodgepodge v0.2.4 - Combining Levels from Doom 1 and 2.

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Introducing: Hodgepodge Version 0.2.4.

Introducing: Hodgepodge Version 0.2.4.

Some of you may have already seen this on the ZDoom Forums. If you have, you can pretty much ignore this entire post.

But if you haven't, Hodgepodge is basically where I take Doom 1 levels and Doom 2 levels, combine them, spiffy them up with some good ol' UDMF, and there!

You've got yourself a playable map! (Well, more or less that idea.)


So, what is currently in Version 0.2.4? (not much, really...)

  • Level 1: Hangar Entryway - DONE! (E1M1 + MAP01)
  • Secret Level 1: Hell Beneath the Sewers - In Progress... (E1M0 + E4M1)
  • Level 2: Nuclear Underhalls - DONE! (E1M2 + MAP02
  • Level 3: The Gantlet Refinery - In Progress... (E1M3 + MAP03)


Here's a couple more screenies for you to look at:







Here's a bit of info that might be useful to you:

  • GZDoom 3.1 and up is recommended for the best experience. However, these maps are 100% completeable in Zandronum 3.0.
  • This mod is a Work In Progress, and with the fact it took me over 9 months to finish 2 maps, I'd say it might be for a while.
  • This also comes with an addon file you can run with the mapset which gives you access to a menu that will let you change things like the skybox and the music. The addon can only be played with GZDoom 3.1 and up. (You can still access the addon's features by changing the CVars in the console. Just use anything that starts with "hodgepodge_"
  • This mod does not replace DOOM 2 maps, instead it adds a new episode for you to pick when starting a new game.
  • This mod does not use any custom enemies or custom weapons, so gameplay mods should be 100% compatible with this.
  • This mod also does not use any custom textures or resources, except for some skyboxes and music. Any mods that alters objects, textures, or music are 99.9% compatible with this mod.
  • And lastly, this mod makes use of line portals and 3D floors, so ZDoom users aren't going to have an ideal experience playing this mod.



So, if all of this sounds interesting to you, then check out these download links below!


bitz-hodgepodge-v0.2.4.pk3 (Dropbox) (This is the mapset itself.)


bitz-hodgepodge-addon.pk3 (Dropbox) (Adds the custom menu for tinkering around with. [GZDOOM ONLY])



And lastly, here's the changelog copy/pasted straight from the ZDoom Forums post:



-Zandronum is now compatible again. Co-op players rejoice!
-Replaced all swimmable areas with actual 3D floors, allowing for transparent water/acid.
-Worked on the wip third map some more. Don't expect much.
-Generic monster balancing on map 2.
-Added more functionality to the mod by making an optional addon that gives you access to a menu which lets you tamper with the Skybox and Music, if you hate the ones I chose. (Only works on GZDoom, Zandronum don't like the "AddMenuOption".)
-Generic fixes to some areas.
-Raised two sector's floors above the acid area where the outdoor area is by 8.
-Moved 4 monsters into a room beside the room they originally resided in to make the gameplay of map 2 feel a bit more balanced.
-Worked on the mod for 2 days and ignored it's existence for another 30+ days.
-This version wasn't going to be released, if it weren't for the incompatibility with Zandronum on the previous release.
-All maps now have Doom 1 skies.
-Added text to the beginning of each map that displays the name of map you're currently on and what Episode/Level you're on.
-Added 2 placeholder maps. One for the upcoming third level, and one for the first secret level. Both of these are unfinished, and the player is informed of this upon entering either map.
-Added more spicy midis for upcoming maps.
-Fixed random textures.
-Replaced "windows" that were just impassable metal bars with actual transparent windows.
-Added some light variation to a certain part of Map 2.
-Added a secret exit to Map 1, however, since the secret map does not even exist yet it just leads to Map 2.
-Changed the way the teleporting worked for the "vent" areas in both Map 1 and 2.
-Removed car physics.
-Removed unused/unfinished/inaccessible level. Will be added once there's actually a way to access it without console commands.
-Made certain secrets on map 2 actually register as secrets.
-Some texture fixes.
-Added unique intermission screens for each level. (2 so far, because there's only two levels.)
-Added some behind-the-scene junk for use in the upcoming third map, including a funky new midi that definitely was not stolen from Mod Archive. (Will be released at the same time Mordeth 3 comes out)  
-The alternative version of this mod which added compatibility for Jimmy's "A Boy and His Barrel" has temporarily been deprecated. It will be worked on again from scratch when Episode 1 of Hodgepodge is complete. (Whenever THAT is.)
-The stupid annoying green fog and poison damage when going outdoors from the previous version has been removed.
-The stupid annoying skybox has also been removed.
-The second map has been finished and added to the mod. (Obviously.)
-Certain monster placements have been moved around for balance reasons.
-Same goes for certain secrets.
-The name of the first episode has been changed from "Knee-Deep in Clusterfuck" to "Keep-Deep in Hodgepodge", because why not.
-The first map is now in a condition I can safely say is completely done. Nothing besides some texture fixing will be added to the map.
-Cooperative spawns for up to 8 players has been implemented into both maps. Deathmatch spawns will come at another time.


Edited by IdiotBitz : Changed the title. Nothing else, really.

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