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My custom projectiles don't seem to travel up or down


My problem is that I have a custom projectile, but if I aim anywhere above my eye-level (eg. the first imp in E1M1) it only fires straight ahead.

How do I allow my custom projectile to fire higher?


Projectile Code:

ACTOR LaserRed
    Radius 8
    Height 6
    Speed 750
    Damage 120
    RenderStyle Add
    Alpha 0.75
    DeathSound "weapons/plasmax"
        LSER A 1 Bright
        LAZR ABCDE 2 Bright

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Your projectile's speed is too high for the engine to handle properly. Either lower it down to about 30, or make the projectile inherit from FastProjectile.

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Options->Player Setup->Autoaim=Always

Edit: damn, I didn't even notice the xtremely high speed

Edited by Voros

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