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need constructive critisism.

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hey all. its been a long time huh? 

long story short, im starting a new project. 

 and i need some criticism on my artwork.

if you guys would let me know what you think i would greatly appreciate it.


this is what i have so far.  i feel there are problems with torso size and 

the armpit height.

other than that it could use some detail and i got to finish it.

thanks in advance.


zombie drawing, from back.

malnurished torso,

exposed brain, from being eaten, neck wound

ribs broken off from mid chest

the rest is normal (for a chewed up walking corpse)


Edited by zaszthedestroyer

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thank you. that will help with the more fleshed out areas like the chest and arms.

i forgot to mention as well, its supposed to be a zombie, from the back, with a malnourished torso and broken ribs from the mid chest down

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I do like that tutorial, I'll give it another go over and see if it will help. 


And at this point, since no one has said this drawing is crap I'm going to keep working on it. Updates will be coming in the next few days.

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OK guys! just wanted to say thank you so much for your help, i studied some tutorials and got much better results! here is a redrawing i did and it looks so much better!

and the plan is to keep posting updates on my page here on doom world, and here, on this thread. 


any continued thoughts are appreciated, and thanks again!


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