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The Leaf Blower of DOOM

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You're just another guy at one of the UAC facilities, but you have a special job: you have to blow the leaves dropped by the martian trees (yes, there are trees on Mars, that's why you can find chainsaws as well). You're done for today, but you have to look for your boss and ask him if he wants you to do extra hours, because, you know, last time you left without asking, the bastard almost fired you, so you're not taking any chances. You enter one of the installations and OH MY GOD! IS THAT A PILE OF FLESH?! Eh, probably just another idiot who forgot that it isn't a good idea to carry a loaded Rocket Launcher... But where is your boss? You wish you could just blow his ass with your supersonic Leaf Blower...




I was bored in school and I had a computer in front of me, so I, with the inspiration given to me by the vacuum cleaner in extreme weapon pack, created the Supersonic Leaf Blower! (fact: this is actually useful). You're also provided with a pistol that shoots rubber pellets, just in case.


Some screenshots:


Push them out of your way!



Obliterate them!



Cause all kinds of infighting!







Because of the way this is coded, the weapon creates a "shockwave" form the player's position, which goes in all directions, NOT just to the front of the player, so be careful with barrels and such.


It's possible (and probable) that you come across some enemies that become immune to the Leaf Blower. I have no idea why this happens, but they can still be damaged by other means.




Requires a ZDoom-based port (tested with GZDoom 3.1.0).


Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/upj9luzc0uiihs5/LeafBlower.pk3?dl=0


Thanks to @scifista42 for all of the help with the coding and @Empyre for giving me the idea of using A_RadiusThrust. You two made my life much easier :)



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