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Evil Purple Glow

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Ahh, nostalgia time. John Romero has updated his webpage with another picture from the early days of Doom development. This new image features a not-completely-bald version of Tom Hall, working with DoomEd on a NeXT machine. Tom Hall looks very happy to be having his picture taken. C'mon, click it! It's Tom Hall damnit.

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I couldn't tell, actually. The overall shape reminds me of that level. All square/rectangular. Still, that's probably more related to the fact that this is an "early" shot. I guess id was still working in wolfenstein mode.

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I doubt it's a finished map. But that wall with two polygonal ends reminds me of a wall section in e2m7, after you leave the yellow key room, in the hall, near the yellow door, although in e2m7 this wall has only one polygonal-shaped end, while the other merges with a perpendicular wall. Note that e2m7 was mainly designed by Tom, and is one of the earlier maps (the 1st map in one of the more advanced DOOM alphas.) As for e1m9, that's a Romero.

I remember one of the earliest alphas (that crashes a lot) has a map that is a rough, short, and irregular maze; probably a test to see what could be done with the new engine. It has a few steps too, to show height changes...

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