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what program

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do you guys use to play online? only type of doom i played was with the doomsday enging with some of my friends , i havent played online much, not really sure what program to use , and since im running under win 2k (doom dosnt run under its normal format) - only way i could play it was using that doomsday engin , i think zdoom worked to , but im jus wondering what program you guys use ..

**edit** ack sorry i ment this to go in the multiplayer section of doom =X

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yah i got it all work =) jus got back from playing for an hour , i must say , this is much more fun then quake3 and half-life lol, so classic and so fun

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nah dooms not that old to me, i started playing it since its first offical release in 1993 , thats the game that got me hooked into computer gaming, dad brought it home , i was 10 years old , we played that game every damn day lol, *sigh* the memories lol, but this is the first time ive played it online =X and its alota fun

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