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How to modify vanilla weapons




I'd like to change few parameters of vanilla Doom/Doom2 weapons but can't seem to find any decent tutorials for it. SLADE is probably the right software, but I can't seem to find a correct file with weapon stats. I'm using GZDoom.


What I'd like to do is make Super Shotgun reload a bit slower and chaingun fire a bit faster. Maybe make the pistol damage higher while at it. So, help me out a little?


Thanks in advance! :)

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If you're using GZDoom, then look for a file named "doomweapons.txt" inside gzdoom.pk3. In that file, all Doom weapons are defined, so you can use this to see how the the weapons are handled. They are all written in DECORATE, a kinda scripting language for ZDoom-based ports.
Using inheritance in DECORATE, you can, say, write

ACTOR NShotgun : Shotgun REPLACES Shotgun
 Weapon.BobStyle Alpha

Creates a new weapon called NShotgun, which takes all the code from Shotgun. But we added something new: Weapon.BobStyle, in NShotgun. And this new gun replaces Shotgun (that's what REPLACES is for).

In-game result should be a shotgun completely identical to the normal shotgun, but it will bob/sway in a different path.
What you want to achieve is very easy and takes only minutes (maybe seconds) to make, since you are aiming for ZDoom overall. Read this to understand the basics of weapon modifications.

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