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Walking lights


I'm searching/Googling like crazy, and it's probably because I just don't know how lights like this are called, so I'm taking the liberty of just popping the question here:


How do I make "walking lights"? And with walking lights I mean a row of connecting sectors, that light up one after the other. When the light in one sector goes on, the light in the previous sector goes out. This way the light "moves" through the sector.


Back in my Duke Nukem 3D building days, I used this effect all the time for e.g. rotating siren lights.



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You need to give a different tag to each of the sectors and make a script (ACS or conveyor belt based, depending on whether you're mapping for ZDoom or Boom) to affect them one by one in a sequence that would repeat infinitely.

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That page describes how to use them right after it lists the Doom-in-Hexen/UDMF versions of the specials (1 - 4). Experiment with it and I am sure you can figure it out. That's what I would do.

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I'm fidgeting around with this for a while now, and I can't get this to work. According to the link Dragonfly posted (thx for that), I could use either the light-Phased special, or the LightSequenceStart with Special 1 and 2.


When using the former, I just can't find the Light index box, not in DB2, not in GZDoom Builder...


When using the latter, it just doesn't work...


The example WAD is broken when I open it.


I've tried using game configs Boom, GZDoom (Hexen) and GZDoom (UDMF)...


But probably I'm just immensely stupid :(

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Sector specials




Pay special attention to the direction of the linedefs.




from left to right

Top row of sectors
brightness = 0, ending in a sector with an E2 special, brightness = 120.

Bottom row of sectors
brightness from left to right = 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

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