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Naked Snake

The Containment Area

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Boxes and Boxes of useless items scattered about.You look at the first one and open it.Inside are flasks and other items for a labrotory.You know there are weapons here.The Shotgun on your back and a Chaingun.Your 9mm isnt very good and you dont want to use knuckle dusters.You walk forth,sounds of growling echo in the halls,like a twisted warning.You carefully creep around the corner and see a pink demon,to which you have started calling Bulldog Demons.This Bulldog was larger than most of the others and he stood over the corpse of Jill Hart,and to your horror she was still alive.She groaned and screamed as the monster ripped her flesh with its massive teeth.You sneak up behind it and blow a hole throught the back of its head with your shotgun.It falls backwards.Jill is in pain and her arm has been torn off.
"Is that you Chris?"
"Yes.Hold on Jill"
"Oh Chris dont be a fool.Im gonna die"
"No..." you say and a tear finds its way to your cheek.
"Take my Uzi.It runs off standard 9mm clips" Jill says with her last bit of strength.
"Thanks Jill" you say with a heavy heart.You take off your jacket and place it over her face.You stand up,pull back the release on the Uzi and get ready to kick some ass.

PT II coming SOON!

OK DooMboy?HEH

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Chris and Jill, eh? Reminds me of Resident Evil.
Overall, a good story.

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