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Legacy Scoreboard

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I've been wondering about the readings on the Legacy scoreboard. "Frags" is of course obvious, and I'm reasonably sure "Deads" is how many times that player died, but what the heck are "Buchholz" and "Indiv."? Does anyone know?

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BUCHOLZ: a chess scoring system: you earn more points,
when you frag a good player. That is, a player that
has a lot of frags at the end of the game. This is
more balanced than the original frags system, because
you can do less frags, but on good players, while
in the original system, 'newbies' players could
score as much frags between them. Also a good player
won't earn a lot of points if he goes for easy targets,
so he'll be better to choose a challenging enough target
if F is the frag table like player i have fraged
player j F[i][j] times. The total frags of a player i is
F[i][1]+F[i][2]+ ... + F[i][32] we can call this Total[i]
there bucholz of a player i is
F[i][1]*Total[1] + F[i][2]*Total[2] + ... + F[i][32]*Total[32]

Adjust buchholz for suicide

the players are all compared 1 to 1, when a
player wins he earns 3 points, if they draw they each
get 1 point, then all the points are added and the
winner is the one with the more points. This was
suggested by Cristian Romero (romero-c@usa.net).
Is is not perfect, but is already interesting enough:
think of it more 'individual'. You have to make more frags
compared to each other player to earn points. So you will
want to go on players that you can make more frags, and
forget about the ones which have already too much frags
compared to you. Go for the victories, more than the frags

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No worries Fod, teh G spot doesn't really exist! It's just yet another female conspiracy. The A spot on the other hand, is very real. :)

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