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Neat classic Doom background

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I was browsing through older forum posts earlier and stumbled upon some hi-res Doom pics of Lord Flathead's.. thought they looked quite nice, so I decided to meld two into a background. Anyhow, after a bit of Photoshop work I got this. IMO it's a damn cool background, there are a few things I could probably change, but as it is right now it's pretty sweet. Given the relative simplicity of the design, I wouldn't exactly be surprised to find that someone else has made a background similar to this.. in any case, this is what I came up with.. enjoy


1600x1200, 939k.

Comments are welcome, of course.
Again, many thanks to Lord Flathead for the original pics.

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Where did you got the background from??

Again, many thanks to Lord Flathead for the original pics.

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bigbadgangsta said:

It would look better if the titlepic portion was centered...

I prefer it not centered actually. I thought it not being centered was a bad thing until I actually slapped it on my desktop, and it was better the way it was, remarkably. This way, none of my icons need to be shuffled around to see the main Doom picture. Being they are all aligned to the leftmost part of my screen.

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i touched it up for my desktop - its pretty plane but jus incase, if anyone likes it here yah go take out hte (- in http)


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No its not.. the background picture is lots bigger.. your picture isnt the complete one.. thanx anyway

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