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[PWAD] Doom II - The Chasm Resurrection

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This thread is about sharing a PWAD I have made with Doom Builder. It occupies Map24 of Doom II, and is similar to the original. However the narrow walkways are 4 PIXELS WIDE and are put above a nukage pool where there is NO WAY BACK UP if you fall off!


Hence I somewhat resurrected Map24: The Chasm!


About this map, it is a huge map with 2 isolated rooms exclusively for the blue and red keys and at the start are narrow walkways that are 4 pixels wide and if you fall off there is no way back up and you die, and then once you try to get the yellow key, a trap will open with pain elementals teleporting in, and there is a spider mastermind somewhere in the nukage pool that overlooks the parkour (southern part) and ammo is kinda scarce, but you can get about 1800 plasma to kill everything, but in the parkour if you fall off you CAN take a teleporter back up, but it will take you BACK to the start of the narrow walkways...ROFL that is so hilarious! There are 2 secrets, one has a megasphere and another has a rocket launcher, something even more funny is that the chaingunner at the start is standing on a secret platform (the one with the rocket launcher)! At least the spider mastermind can be telefrag'd and there are some positives, but I want to see if you can do a successfull attempt on this map, to get the map: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3dqazw8hlgtqxw9/chasmres.wad put in your Doom II directory, -file it with Doom II and -warp to Map24, and enjoy!


If you can do a successfull attempt on this map, feel free to record it and post the video on this thread!


You are allowed to post a video of a playthrough of this map with 100% kills and 100% secrets.


Map in Doom Builder: https://prnt.sc/gf5ax4

Edited by superchargecacodemons799 : You don't get any walkthrough. Cuz if you did it would make the map much easier.........

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10 minutes ago, bonnie said:

I skimmed only part of that giant wall of text so I wasn't fully prepared for the extreme quality of this amazing map.


13/10 bondumbmapfda.zip

What a good map.

Thank you so much for giving me a compliment about this unfair map! I hope you can speedrun this map without dying or using any cheat codes!

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17 hours ago, Glaice said:

Should post some screenshots.

You see, you DON'T get any screenshots. Because if you did then it would make this map much easier wouldn't it?


(apart from the map of The Chasm Resurrection in Doom Builder)

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See point #1. Some people won't play without seeing some. I may get around to this map however.

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