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How can I upload Wads in this website?

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Post dropbox, google drive link with all required information and screenshots.


There was video tutorial, but if I was you won't upload files yet without any criticism and stuff in id games yet.

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2 minutes ago, Nautkillius said:

But, where do I post? In this kind of page with discussion? Or it's another page, special for posting wads?

Well, in wads and mods like now. Create new thread with your wad and other information.


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1. idgames: Usually finished maps end up here. You'll need to learn how to access an FTP server to upload here.

2. Doomworld: Put your WAD inside a ZIP and then attach to your post here.

3. Dropbox/MediaFire/GoogleDrive/GeoCities/any personal cloud storage: This can be used to keep your release candidates/WIP/not-yet-ready/needs-more-work WADs and have them available to players.

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There is a pinned thread in this forum about uploading to /idgames so feel free to check it out

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