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Sky dehack

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1. Exist any function for manipulating sky like MAPINFO but I want use dehack.txt? I want, that these Skyes can work with prboom.


2. I need know which map work these skyes RSKY1 (1-7 map?), RSKY2 (8-x), RSKY3. I heard, it exist RSKY4. Can I use this on prboom?

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1. DeHacked is for editing behaviour, like AI. It's not needed for texture related stuff. Currently there is no MAPINFO support either, but there is an experimental version with light DECORATE and UMAPINFO support (I haven't checked the progress of how far it's been implemented).

2. Replace the SKYx lumps to get them to work. x usually stands for the cluster eg

RSKY1 is MAP01-MAP11 (cluster 1)
RSKY2 is MAP12-MAP20 (cluster 2)
RSKY3 is MAP21-MAP30 (cluster 3)

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