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Cyber Demon Unleashed (Wad)

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Tested in: GZDOOM

Does not need crouching, jumping or freelook

IWAD: Doom2

Levels: Single Level (MAP01)

Difficulty: Was balanced to Ultra-violence, but it's not a too difficult map

Story: You're an enginer who gets called to an UAC research station, as soon as you arrive with your partner the electricity cuts out and your partner turns into a helling creature, you don't know what happened, but you find out that it has to do something with the captured cyberdemon, one thing is for sure, kill everyone in sight...

THE WAD: deum.zip

[P.S : It's my first map I tried to put in as much detail as i could, if you have suggestions please leave it down in the comments :) ]









Edited by McSteer

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Update description and put screenshots. It will be easier to get attention, because people will know what to expect.

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Looks pretty cool, will download and give it a shot!

Edited by Jthom

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42 minutes ago, Jthom said:

I got an error trying to download it



  Reveal hidden contents



Sorrry i accidentaly deleted the file, i'm editing the post to include the informations it needs 

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I'll give run tonight if I won't sleep and do video of it, if you don't mind. 

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Here, video as I promised. You'll find all things by checking how this plays to other people


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For being your first wad I think is quite good! Could improve yes, but I can say you put a lot of effort! 

Good wad man. 

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