All Ultimate Doom Patches Can now be downloaded from   NEW: Added Full Ultimate Doom in one Rom (except last secret level, cant fit 4mb rom). Level Select Expanded until level 65. Game start at level 31 (level 3 is just short level just to prevent game to crash at startup), level 1-30 are empty. So level 31 is 1 level, 45 is 15 ..... Why start at level 31? because there is not limitation like level 15 game ends etc. Now secrets exits are normal exits and secrets levels are just the next level. So you start at level 31 and finish level 65 - then crash,no map 66 (35 levels unstoppable).  V1.01 Changes: added switch at level 39 (level 9) as killing barons of hell wall wont goes away to finish level  V1.02 Changes: Fix possible crashes at level 59 and 62 due to overload, Fix level 54 can now access secret exit   V1.03 Changes: Fix Compatibility problems with original hardware  Download V1.03 From Ultimate_Doom_Full_32X V.1.03 Ultimate_Doom_Full_32X NTSC V.1.03 Enjoy possibly the best maps port on retro consoles ever.   Hi everyone. After some hours work I port Ultimate Doom episodes 1 & 2 on 32x with minimum removals. Almost all Maps are as original PC Doom except map 7 and 10. Map 23 (32x use it a final level after map15) now is the abandon map E2M8 with level exit, and map 23 (secret level for pc doom) transfer to map 16. Map 17 to 22 are just short levels with instance exit just not to left empty maps. Will port Episodes 3 & 4 later on separate rom.   Video of my work, 6 parts.   Maps Comparison photos between original,PC and my maps   You can Download Rom from (V1.01) Ultimate_Doom_1&2 32X V.1.01 Ultimate_Doom_1&2 32X NTSC V.1.01     Episode 3&4 port can be found here DOOM II Port   Testers are welcome, also works with everdrive at original hardware. If you find bugs just report it. Enjoy.   If someone want to port any other doom maps and need help I can give his some modified files to auto replace floors and walls depend on 32x engine.