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What is your gaming backlog

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As in, games you want to play (and own) but haven't gotten around to finish or even start just yet, and its in the back of your head saying "Hey when are you playing me?"


What are you playing right now?
What comes after that?

And after that?

And after that?

And after that?




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Diablo 1 (going to level 4)

Max Payne 2 (haven't started it)

Postal 2: Paradise Lost (beat the base game a week ago)

Amnesia (didn't have the courage, so I deleted it and kept the saves)

Final Doom (playing TNT, Plutonia will have to wait for a while)

Doom 3 (somewhere in the middle of it)

Doom 64 (haven't started yet)

Heretic's Expansion (left it after playing the first level and I will revisit it after beating many of the half complete games here)

Strife (25-35% progress I guess)

Hexen 2 (playing it right now)

Fallout New Vegas (haven't started)

Hard Reset: Exile (finished the base game some time ago)

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70% through Ultima 4 at the moment

R-Type 2

Dungeon Keeper



Shadowgate remake

Metal Gear Solid 3

Worms Armageddon


Silent Hill 2

Record of Lodoss War

Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri 

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The list would be way too long for me to post here. I've bought so many games that I just haven't got around to playing or felt like playing.

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Left 4 Dead 2 the next... what? 10 hours?

Yes, I just started to know the power of Source mods.

And of course, Doom. Always.

Ah! Also, going to try AoE II HD.

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Still got a bunch of Half-Life and Black Mesa mods to run through.  Plus whatever /newstuff wads I downloaded this week.

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It's easier to tell what I've completed from my Steam account than what still waits for me. Although I don't buy myself games anymore, I buy them for my friends who have way more free time than me... which they use to play Borderlands and Fallout NV ad infinitum. And one of them has more than 1,000 games, I mean bloody hell when did he even had time to amass all of this? I have 260 games (and 200 on GOG.com, but there are *some* duplicates), and I don't remember buying like, half of them. Digital hoarding is a thing, guys and gals.


But I'm finishing Quake 4 that I started few days ago, and then I'll go back to Halo SPV3 mod, I guess.

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Fallout 1, 2, tactics. That's about it ish. I consider my backlog things I currently have any interest to actually play. I'v a ton of games that I'v barely touch, but just find to be not worth my time to play. Thanks humble bumble and steam sales...

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9 hours ago, Piper Maru said:

Metro Redux (PS4)

I finally just beat Last Light Redux this week after having first played it the day the original came out years ago.


My backlog is quite sizeable, although there's many games I own on Steam I never intend to actually play.


There's some I want to play and beat for the first time (Mankind Divided, newest Hitman, AssCreed Syndicate, Alien Isolation, many many many others) but just haven't for one reason or another.


And there's games I've completed at least once and still want to do a full replay (Wolf Old Blood and New Order, Doom 3 BFG on 360, Blood, new Prey, Resident Evil 7, Kingpin, more)


And then there's new games coming out I want to play immediately (new Wolfenstein, Shadow of War, Mario x Rabbids, more)

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Believe me, you don't want me to post the whole list. I even had to write down everything in a text file so I didn't forget.


My laptop had a pice of shit AMD APU that couldn't handle 2002 games properly and Windows 8 had perfomance problems with games form the late 90s, so I have a bunch of games ranging from 1998 to 2017 that I want to play.

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