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Cross-over capers

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This is JavaGuy on Pickle's computer. Right now we're trying to connect our computers using a direct cross-over cable that plugs into the network card. However, nothing seems to be working. We're both using the default work group, and we both have computer identities. We've both installed Networking Wizard on the computers. He's got Wndows ME, I've got Windows 98. He's got an e-Machine (if that even matters) and I've got an HP (I know it sucks, but I've still networked it before, he hasn't).

Any suggestions?

Note: This is Doom related because we have to get working on our wad. Please help.

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I know a friend who has been unable to connect a Windows 98 computer to a Windows 2000 computer.

Myself, I have failed to connect a Windows 98 computer to a Windows 2000 computer.

I remember that Lüt tried for hours to connect a Windows 98 computer to a Windows 2000 computer, then gave up.

I'd too be interested in hearing a solution to the issue of connecting two computers with different Windows OS:es.

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Got networking protocols (TCP/IP or IPX) properly installed and associated with your network cards?

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Nuno Correia said:

Don't forget to set the subnet masks properly.

I have had this problem, for like 2 months now, and cannot seem to get it too work.

Win XP and Win 95. Dammit.

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first, perhaps uninstalling or removing your network card (not physically, I mean in the control panel) IF you think you may have messed something up.
make sure you install the tcp/ip adapter on both machines... and a clean network card install(of course).
use the install cd everytime it asks... reboot everytime it asks.
same protocol installed... remove the ones you know you don't need (operating systems cycle through protocols with a heirarchy -- removing IPX (if you know you don't need it) is a good idea)
same workgroup.
static ips on both machines on the same subnet ( mask --- mask on the second machine -- for example)
choose "I want to give others access to my files" in the file and print sharing.
actually share a directory in WindowsExplorer on both machines.
reboot both.
on the WinME machine, you may need to give admin permission to view zones or volumes if you have NTFS.
now, can you "see" each other in the Network?

if not, then can you connect a third machine to this network and find out which machine is not communicating.
can you ping yourself?
can you ping the other machine?
can you ping the local loopback?

last thing to say: the networking structure in windows98 is very different between Windows98 and Windows98se. this could be your problem.
If it were ME (heh), I'd remove that pos OS they call Millenium and install are real OS like 98. ;)
good luck.

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RailGunner said:

They are the same thing.

I think. I was using this guide too help me set it up and it told me too enter and it changed to so I guess it's the same.

And it still doesn't work. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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