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+10 brightness to all sectors?


I think my current map is too dark overall. Is there an easy way to add an arbitrary amount of brightness to all sectors in a map without having to do this manually (sector by sector)?


For example, adding 10 to the brightness level of 3 sectors simultaneously:

Sector 1: 100 --> 110

Sector 2: 90 --> 100

Sector 3: 120 --> 130


I'm currently using GZDoombuilder, but I'd be comfortable using a different tool to perform this task. Thanks in advance!

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Never mind, it looks like selecting all sectors and using ctrl + scrollwheel did what I needed to do. Should've googled, my bad.

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You can also select the sectors, open their properties and write "++N" into the brightness field, where N is the number that you want to add to their current brightness. The latest version of GZDB actually tells you about this possibility (and more) in a hint that shows up when you hover mouse above the respective field in the properties.

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