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The Ultimate DOOM 3 Clan

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The other day i was thinking...
That when DOOM3 comes out... that most of us (with A Uber-fast computer) will be playing it.


There is gona be soooo many newbies at it that it aint gona be funny especially old doom fans that are gona get back into it so they be playing with keyboard or something.


every one thats manily on IRC/doomworld/doom2.org that are the leet FPS players e.g. doom,quake3 arena,half-life,UT etc etc etc...

should join forces and create the ultimate DOOM 3 clan...

You make think "ohh jeese that doomaster what a tool he wont have a chance persuading these people into making a very large doom3 clan..."

But i think its a really good idea..

Imagine it.. all us guys, the leet doom3 players beeing the best doom3 players cause we started early and created the clan..

I've asked numerous people about it and they think its a good idea infact they said its a really food idea and they meant it...

If anyone aggres with me then... just post your replay's cause i reckon it could be a really big thing it

It could really happen...

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post your replay...post your replay....post your replay....post your replay....post your replay....post your replay

That's enough. What do you want this clan to do. There is no multiplayer. It's only 2 vs 2 so no real multiplayer clan competition. And I DON'T want to compete on how fast I can play DOOM3. But feel free to clan away!

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WEll really i just want it to be the people mainly that are active on IRC really...

i dont know why i said "everyone!" on doom2.org and doomworld sorry for that

But yea manily the people that are on IRC..

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To be more specific...
the IRCers that connect to openprojects server and that talk in #zdoom and #zdaemon
maybe that could wotk out better

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Dest-X said:

I wouldn't wana be in the same clan as this pack of assnuggets.

Assnuggets? Where??
You mean us?

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Clans are gay. It's one thing when you have a small group of people who like to play with eachother and against other people, but stupid clans that just cause bullshit out of the game and go arround saying "lololol we own j00!" are dumb. If doom3 doesn't see a single clan, it will be an awesome multiplay experience.

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