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MTF Sergeant

If the Icon of Sin was afull fledged monster, what would be it's stats?

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Am I the only one who thinks that the Icon of Sin needs a whole body instead of just a head?


If so, I will be counting up some of it's stats here:


HP - Much Higher than the Cyberdemon.


Attacks - anything other than spawning other demons.


Damage dealt from attack- Come too close and ur ded.


Death animation - BIG BANG!!!


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Will, the size would be, indeed, huge. Yet, Doomguy can beat anything as long he has the bullets. 


HP - Well, you just cant kill him by shooting his body, see the head? that red-lava hole in there? Shoot there.


Attacks - Apart from spawning demons, I think It could crush like an insect, fire lava riveres at you, massive plasma balls, etc.


Damage - Jah! Just one stomp and you are dead.


Death Animation - All Hell brakes apart. 


Well thats my idea, It would be a titanic fight, quite interesting, but I think I stay with the original Icon. 

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