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Official NA D5M1 Tournament Sign-Up Thread

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Seeing as Hatred isn't able to create an account here for some reason, I'm cross-posting the information regarding his tournament here, with his approval. Come check it out.


"Greetings folks! 

This thread is created for the purpose of officially signing up for the Dwango5 Map01 Tournament I'm going to be hosting at the end of September. This will be posted on various forum boards but I will do my absolute best to keep the threads up to date and consistent as often as possible. I currently have quite a bit on my plate but I want this to happen, so please understand that it may take some time before I can get back with anyone. 

The means to officially declare yourself a participant in this tournament allow two avenues: signing up in an official sign-up thread by me or making direct contact with me. I can be reached on irc.quakenet.org and irc.zandronum.com under the name HateDaddy. I can also be reached on ZDIRC under the name [SIN]Hatred. I've also created a discord server specifically for this tournament, the invite address is provided here: https://discord.gg/F2w52aq

Let's go over the rules now! 

The map the tournament will be played on is Dwango5 Map01. 

ZDDL NS Settings excluding freelook and jump. 

The default port is ZDaemon. I am not opposed to people playing on different ports as long as they mutually agree upon it. However, if any disagreement arises then it is to be understood that ZDaemon will serve as the default port. Failure to play matches due to disagreement will be judged case by case. 

The tournament rules will be snigle series matches (in other words, best of 1s) in double elimination format. 

I will be doing a broad seeding system to organize matches. The purpose here is to prevent potential finals matches happening in early rounds. Understand that I will be consulting with several players to determine these seeds and that seedings are final - there will be no disputing your seed. I understand this seems harsh and this is the one rule I will apologize in advance for because I realize how frustrating it can be. However, there's a good chance I will end having these games live-casted so it's incredibly important to me to keep the potential "dream matches" saved for the end if possible. Speaking of live-casting.. 

Currently, Zdaemon does not have the ability to record demos. However, it is very likely that these matches will have live casting options so I urge everybody to post their match times on designated threads so we can coordinate our caster(s) accordingly. In a perfect world, I would love for every single match to be recorded so a Twitch VOD can be saved for each match. 

I will also be asking all server admins to run the optional wad modidoom, which allows the player to remove weapon textures. I understand this may seem unfair, but this was an option that was always available to players in the past and was recently removed. A few players have expressed to me that they'd really like for this wad to be made available. You won't be forced to play with it, I certainly hate the idea of using it because it'd mess with my game big-time personally. 

Lastly, I am not opposed to European (or other long-distance regions) players playing in this tournament. I must remind you that this is a North American tournament so the burden is on you to make yourself available to a schedule consistent with that of an NA player. That's not to say agreements can't be made that do work for you, I am simply making it be known now that you shouldn't expect it. 

Sign-ups will officially close on October 1st at 11:59pm EST. If you do not sign up here or message me directly on one of the disclosed platforms above before this deadline, no exceptions will be made. I will be looking to post these on other doom community forum boards once I am given access. Until then, this will be the only official sign-up thread. I hope to hear from all of you soon. Good luck! Twisted Evil 

"only grass can jump me" -tupac shakiraaaa 


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Sign-ups have been extended until October 1st. It's a relatively low-commitment event, so don't be afraid to come by!

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Today's the last day for sign-ups. We've got 11 players in so far, don't miss out...!

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