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Project Brutality 3.0 Test - Black Boxes for Explosion Marks and Bloody Footsteps

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I just recently got my hands on the latest test version of Project Brutality (Project Brutality 3.0 Test 7-22-17.pk3), and it works just fine; Weapon sway and strafe tilting work, enemy spawning took a bit of a while to fix, but I got it down, everything seems fine. Except for one thing: Explosion marks and bloody footsteps are shown as black boxes. I have provided a screenshot below.

What's interesting is that I never see this occur for other users on YouTube. Maybe it's because I use QZDoom.

So, any solutions?




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I have the same problem,and I already try it with gzdoom 3.1 but its still appear like that. How do I fix it ?

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