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Quake Champions

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1 minute ago, dmg_64 said:

I like it But I think Doomslayer's ability is super useless, I barely can get a kill with it.

same i have only tried doom slayer and BJ both have poor supers, and doom can double jump so it works with my playstyle.


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I was under the impression that you could get this game for free but without certain things already unlocked.

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15 minutes ago, Jim Greezy said:

how do you get it free?

No, in another forum thread I recall someone saying that you either pay for the game if you want to unlock certain things otherwise you don't pay for the game and have to grind for those things. But I guess I must've miss understood what they meant.

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I would love to buy it, so far looks really good, nice gameplay and people say the perfomance is really amazing. 

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