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Group of gamers from steam name are Pan,Biomechanoid,Kaffeebohnson,and noam 2000 call teamfourfps who create duke nukem forever mods for serious Sam 3:BFE here links this mods (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=150409788)and youtuber name:Kaffeebohnson upload video using all mods in game with duke,weapons,enemy and more 

Here video: meanwhile doom slayer was announced be in quake champion so I get a idea started December 2017 or winter or spring 2018 I create mods for serious Sam 3:BFE I call DOOM:BFE it mods replace Sam,weapon,enemies with doom slayer,weapons & demon from doom 2016 and you can help with this project send your mods to steam let see your mods you create for DOOM:BFE 



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This group of random people made mods for Serious Sam 3 that replace models and sounds with assets ripped from Duke Nukem Forever. Here's a video of those mods in action. So, now that Doomslayer has been announced to be in Quake Champions, I've had this idea of creating my own mod called Doom:BFE that will replace enemies and weapons in SS3 with those from Doom 2016. I'll need your help for this, so feel free to upload your mods to Steam so I can compile them.


Yours sincerely


That being said, I think you underestimate how much effort it takes to create a mod. And I doubt anyone will just do it all for you haha

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This is a Doom modding forum, I doubt you'll find too many people that are also familiar with modding Serious Sam 3.

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