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Skulldash Expansion - RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED

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This looks awesome! I've never played it(please don't hit me), so I'll wait until release ;)

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I've been waiting for more Skulldash for what feels like forever now, glad to see it finally so close to release!

There's nothing else that fills that niche it provides.

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This looks very awesome. You know when your done we should collaborate sometime.
We would make a kickass mod!

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Nicely done so far fellas! Skulldash is a ton of fun and I look forward to playing these levels at some point!

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Thank you all for the awesome comments! They're very motivational. :)


As I said in the OP:

On 03/09/2017 at 11:21 PM, Dragonfly said:

I'll post a bit of content each day in the lead up, probably a screenshot or two from each map, one by one.


So today I present to you: The Hub Map





The hub map is the 'level' you'll see the most of in Skulldash. Each time you beat a map, you'll return here ready to select your next challenge! Since the initial release, this map has been greatly expanded. Some areas have been visually improved, and a whole 'community tier' has been added, with 15+ levels to select from in this new tier.











The Community tier will be available to players from the very start, and will not count towards the "standard game's progression" - That means that beating community levels does not unlock new levels elsewhere. If you're new to Skulldash, I'd advise not playing the community tier first, as the difficulty ranges from mid to late-game difficulty, with some maps being the hardest maps in all of Skulldash! Don't worry, there's difficulty indicators next to the community maps. :)

Edited by Dragonfly

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Level 01 - Yellow submarine


Welcome to the first proper level of Skulldash. By this point you would have beaten the tutorial and explored the currently limited hub map, so you should be ready to crack on and grab some tokens in this moving underwatrer baseP486JHt.jpg!




This map is relatively easy, with low tier fodder ranging from zombieman to demon. This map was designed to be a gentle introduction to some of Skulldash's mechanics and tropes with features such as bouncepads and shootable switches.





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Level 02 - Ancient Treasure


It’s time to lurk in the dusty depths, hunting for the Skulltokens hidden within an underground ancient Aztec structure.

This was the first level to be mapped for Skulldash and has undergone hundreds of small-scale changes, but the general layout of this level has remained un-changed since it’s initial build in 2008!




The expansion pack still doesn't change this map much, with the addition of better lighting and a couple of balancing tweaks. This bite-sized map is a good early-tier warm-up for the levels that you'll encounter later on.







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Level 03 - Clifftop Base


Hope you’re not afraid of heights! You’re on a base built precariously close to the edge of a cliff! This map features more action that the previous map.


Originally planned to be a level that appears much later in Skulldash, Clifftop Base was originally packed to the brim with Chaingunners and Blood Demons






This map features a few tricky to grab secrets, so keep your eyes peeled for extra areas! One secret, the golden token, is hidden in plain sight - perhaps a rocket jump, or using a monster's head will help you reach it?





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Really glad to see this released!  High-score logging is a great addition.  It seemed notable in it's absence before, for a mod so based on speedrunning.


So are you saying all of the new 15 levels are classified as 'community' levels and won't be part of the regular level progression?

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@grahf Thanks for the comments! It's not released just yet but will be on the 22nd of October.


The mod now features an actual scoring system, in which tokens collected, time remaining and enemies killed all have point values. Getting 100% tokens doubles your score, too!


The 15 maps in the community tier are not part of the standard level progression, no - you can access them immediately after the tutorial, and they do not unlock anything within the core tiers. 

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Level 04 - Frostbound


This time we find ourselves holed up in a small icy cavern complete with blue marble ruins. Mind your step as you fight your way through the forces of hell on these slippery surfaces!




This map has had a major rework since the original Skulldash release, with over 50% of the map being completely deleted and re-created. The end product is a bit more challenging, but it flows much smoother and visually is better too.









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Level 05 - The Citadel


Serving as the introduction to Tier Two, The Citadel increases the general strength of the monsters you encounter, including the Baron of Hell, the Super Shotgunner & The Archvile. Keep an eye out for the Super Shotgun which will help you fend off the stronger forces of hell.






Fun fact, when the 2015 Cacowards were printed in the PCGamer magazine, they used a screenshot from this map to display Skulldash!



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Level 06 - Abandonment


This abandoned mansion is the first map that promotes a slower-paced gameplay, but don’t forget you’re still racing the clock!






There are all kinds of spectral beasts hidden within this mansion, keep your eyes peeled. If you’re struggling to survive, keep an eye out for the Drain Rune and try to obtain it early!



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Level 07 - Time Warp


Welcome to the world where time can be controlled by a single switch. Navigate to the furthest point in this void-themed world, passing by all the hellspawn. Flip the switch, and watch as chaos ensues!






To make this level somewhat easier, try collecting as many tokens as you can before un-pausing time!



Edited by Dragonfly

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Level 08 - Water Station


This level is a large tough map, providing a reasonable challenge before you unlock the first boss!




Mapped by Capt. J3, the water station provides very wide open areas, intense battles and interesting & well hidden skulltokens!





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Sorry for not posting yesterday, I got caught up in too much IRL stuff to have time to post, so today I present a double whammy - Levels 9 & 10 together!


Level 09 - Jungle Altar


The Jungle altar is a strong welcome to the third tier. Navigate your way around a mossy brick structure while dodging the onslaught from the surrounding enemies.




Keep your eyes peeled for the Super Shotgunners that roam here, they are very deadly! In your travels you will come across a Prosperity Rune. Make good use of it!










Level 10 - To Hell And Back


This level puts you in a tricky situation – are you willing to take the plunge into hell itself in the search of more Skulltokens?




You’ll have to fight as you climb your way back out of hell’s depths, and should you make it, you’ll be greeted by the ever-powerful Spider Mastermind right before the exit!







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If only you had announced this closer to the release date. That way less of my life would have been missed due to me thinking a few times a day "How close is October 22nd? Still over a month away? DAMMIT." But alas, until that fateful day comes, 25+% of my thoughts will be mesmerized by the beauty of this.

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