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Skulldash Expansion - RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED

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1 hour ago, Phade102 said:

I'm absolutely interested! I'd love to just play the original game with the new updates, I can test levels too!

Then you should join discord server. For beta builds, updates, and other thingies.

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So I stopped posting here on DW for almost a whole week due to being at EGX 2017 at Birmingham's NEC. I'll probably post about it in a status update some time soon.


Anyways, I'll get back on schedule now with the one-level-per-day content, this post serving as a large catch-up to get us back where we should be. :)






Level 17 - Medieval Madness


Welcome to the madness of the medieval world, here you have to break free from confinement, scale down the towers to the courtyard, kill a Cyberdemon, infiltrate the castle, scale the castles walls and find enough tokens to break free from this place once and for all!




To quote one of Skulldash's betatesters, @Dreadopp said "Starting without a weapon and having to break free from the sky-high dungeons of Medieval Madness was a nice twist!"










Level 18 - Sector 13.37


Here you find yourself on a small planet-like rock floating through space-sector 13.37; you have to take down the demons which have invaded the various small space-stations situated here all while collecting the SkullTokens in a low gravity environment.




Watch out for the roaming cacodemons and the revenants which have taken control of the center structure! A fact that may be of interest - this map was originally made with the intention of being a 32-player DM map. I'm glad I didn't follow through with that, heh.










Level 19 - Treetop Tokens


This world was loosely inspired by The first Spyro The Dragon game's infamous level “Treetops”.




In this level you find yourself high in the sky in the search for SkullTokens, bouncing from one tree to another while being harassed by hell’s forces.










Level 20 - Strength


You start off in this world by collecting the Strength Rune Double Damage! – Time for some high-powered fun before the final boss. Fight against all kinds of demons throughout this precariously located structure with your beefed up arsenal while collecting the last of the Skulltokens!




I couldn’t pass up using the Strength Rune as the focus point for a level – being able to take out a Revenant with just one blast from the Super Shotgun is such a satisfying feeling!










Bonus 1 - Gotta Go Fast


This map places you in a space-themed obstacle course that is a tightly timed test of your maneuverability!




Race to the exit and grab the SkullTokens, all while dashing along the bounce pads, glowing platforms, booster pads, thin tightrope platforms. Watch out! Missing a blue time-bonus token will surely leave you dead.










Bonus 2 - The Shocker


The shocker gets its name not from urban dictionary, but instead from the high voltage nature of the way you can die in this map.




This map will test both your patience and positioning as you bounce from platform to platform - just try not to slip up or you'll get fried!





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The Bonus 1 map got changed? Was Vibetech dropped or just moved? I hope it's still there cause that was a fun map.


And the changes to The Shocker look awesome, it looks like it won't be as tedious now. Or at least have nicer non-jump places to recalibrate your jumps.

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To confirm what Xyzzy said, Bonus 3 is now being replaced by Vibetech. The old 3rd bonus which was set in a boxing ring has been removed from Skulldash. :)



Bonus 3 - Vibetech


Vibetech is set in a tron-like world where the terrain is purely black and white, full bright, or full dark! (As an aside note, doesn't GZDoom's bloom work well here?!)




Battle your way through the forces of hell is this futuristic complex, all while chasing down the SkullTokens scattered around. be careful though, the demons that reside here aren't distracted by their new surroundings and are as ready as every to take you down!







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Bonus 4 - The Nightclub


So, you've got 100% in the final tier and beaten the final boss? Congratulations! Now you can pass some time with the local UAC gang down at the nightclub.




This map has a fully-synchronised lightshow that is in time with the background music. Complete with a Bar, VIP Suite and Security Station, there's enough for you to explore. I just hope the forces of hell don't somehow ruin the party...







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Boss level 1 - Lava Sanctuary 

Caution - hot! This little hell hole houses the first boss, which you gain access to after beating tier 2.




In the Lava Sanctuary you will encounter the Lava Golem and his minions. Be careful of his sequenced attacks which flood the environment with fireballs!





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Boss level 2 - Emerald Inquisition


Welcome to the emerald inquisition. Floating high amongst the emerald skies, you will be tested of your skill to see if you're worthy to proceed to the third tier.




The Dark Inquisitor is actually due to be updated before Skulldash's release, so expect this fight to be a bit more exciting that the previous version of this boss!











Boss level 3 - Keeper of the Gate


Good luck against the Gate Keeper - With the help of various hell spawn, this robotic beast will put up a good fight.




Combat with the Gate Keeper is different from your usual battle, because with the Rage Rune you shoot twice as fast as normal, but every time the Gate Keeper feels pain he'll emit a blast of plasma in many directions!











Boss level 4 - The Bloody End


The final boss map! You've defied the odds, you've beaten the clock, and now you face your final challenge. Welcome to a fleshy mini-level which leads into the final arena. 




Upon entry to the arena you'll be greeted by a few baddies, take them out and then brace yourself for a heated battle against the Overlord!






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It's time to reveal the community maps!


I'll do these two maps at a time, and bare in mind some of these screenshots may potentially change between now and release date!






@Remmirath's "Token Refinery"


Set in a reimagined E1M3, Token refinery is a fun, medium sized map which pits you in for some intense hitscan battles!




The time limit here is fair, but with several secret areas to uncover you might find yourself running short if you're going for 100% tokens.











@Dragonfly's "Cliffside Carnage"


Set on a cliff surrounded beach, this sun-kissed map will put your skills to the test - There's a Spider Mastermind, A Cyberdemon, and hundreds of other hellspawn out for blood!




Make your way around the cliffs, survive the battles on the sand and explore UAC facilities all while you hunt down the tokens scattered in this world!







For more information and a countdown until release day, view the Skulldash Website!


Edited by Dragonfly

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@Tormentor667's "Sekhmet's Fury"


Welcome to the furiously hot Egyptian deserts. With the sun beating down on you and tight imposing time limits closing in, you've got little breathing room for error! 




Speed your way across the numerous desert landscapes, tombs, lava filled caves and an oasis in the hunt for Skulltokens!











@Remmirath's "Outpost 25/A Foundry"


Placing you smack in the middle of a hellspawn infested techbase, this map is a high-action thrillride!




Hop across pools of lava, get launched up onto ceiling-high pathways and tear down this interconnected facility for every last token!







We're in the process of adding dynamic lights to Outpost 25/A Foundry, the final version will be a bit brighter!

Edited by Dragonfly

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Very nice stuff, glad to see my map in there :) I see you improved a few things and I like what I see. Can't wait to play the final version when it is out my friend!

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@Dragonfly's "At the Mountains of Madness"


After being placed in a searing hot volcanic crater, the player will see the exit immediately in front of them but be denied access without enough tokens.




Descend into the volcanic depths so that you can ascend the central fortification and snag the tokens from the perimeter of the level!










@Dreadopp's "World Devastation"

This map places the player in a massive, moving tank set on the path of world destruction! Fight the demon invasion for control of the tank so you can prevent this catastrophic turn of events!




With numerous evil beasts, creative jumping puzzles and a sprawling layout, this tank may well be your demise!






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@Remmirath's Luminescence


This large blue fortification is equipped with a very unique device which influences how the sky appears!




This multi-tiered castle is rife with hellspawn, but don't let that get in your way of collecting the hundreds of tokens!










@Dragonfly's "Tefnut's Tomb"


Tefnut, the Egyptian Goddess of moisture, was a fond collector of Skulltokens. Raid her tombs and steal her vast collection of Skulltokens!




Be careful however, even after death, Tefnut keeps guard of her tokens - the temple floods slowly overtime, drowning anyone unfortunate enough to take too long!





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@Remmirath's "Mayan Mayhem"


This time around you find yourself dropped right in the middle of combat in a small Mayan ruin!




There's no time to think, with a tight time limit and monster shooting you from the moment you arrive you'll have to really think on your toes for this one!









@AtroNx's Molten Core


This facility is insanely hot; try not to get burned! One of the harder maps of the expansion pack, Molten core makes heavy use of mid-tier baddies in tight situations




Keep your eyes peeled, there's numerous secret areas in this cavernous facility with rewards that'll really shift the fights in your favour!





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Molton Core is genuinely one of the best uses of GZDoom features in a subtle way to make Doom feel modern that I've seen in a long time. Just the right combination of fog and dynamic lights gives it a genuine hazy, hot atmosphere you just never get in vanilla Doom.

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@Poohlyash's "Whiteout"


Freezing Cold Caves, Heated Techbases, Skulltokens aplenty, and a tonne of hellspawn too! 




Whiteout will thrust you into combat with some tricky, slippery terrain to contend with, so watch your step!






@Remmirath's "The Nightmare Realm"


Welcome to your nightmare! This surreal, colour changing world will have you lost and ambushed!




Look for the large fleshy portal-hole at the end of the map! It's your key to obtaining the High-Jump Rune, which will make some tokens much easier to collect.






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It's time for a Triple! After today's post we have the bonus-type maps, and then the bosses!




@Jimmy's "The Cauldron"


This waste processing plant gets its name from the open-air waste pool, said to look like a 'radioactive witches brew' - And you've got to jump in the radioactive soup to save the tokens!




With numerous Skulltokens, keycards and a very interconnected layout, this level will have you wracking your brains for the most efficient route to get a high score!










@Bauul's "Mournful Dawn"


This beautiful, atmospheric level has you reaping the three surrounding crypts of their loot and keys to gain access to the central cathedral.




Keep your eyes peeled, in the depths of the crypts all kinds of nasty beasts are ready to rip you apart; but that's nothing compared to what the cathedral has in store for you!










@Dragonfly's "Diavolo Chapel"


Welcome to the Diavolo Chapel. Serving as the precursor to the community tier's boss fight vs The Seraphim, this level places you on holy grounds.




Suppress the demon invasion - The chapel gets gradually darker as more and more vicious hellspawn arrive - do what you've got to do to survive!






Edited by Dragonfly

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The following two maps are 'bonus maps' in nature, but are accessible from the moment you open the community tier and can be played like any other level.




@Xyzzy01's "Abstract Zone"

Based on the layout of the old 90's point-and-click game "The Neverhood", this wireframe world has some interesting tricks and traps!


Scour the neon landscapes for skulltokens while fending off a large array of vicious demons. 







@Kyle2959's "Fight Club"

Taking inspiration from Stronghold & Skulltag's Invasion mode, Fight club pits you in some vicious wave based battles!


Get your hands on the BFG10k and slay the armies of SSG Guys, Blood Demons, Cacolanterns, Lost Souls, Cyberdemons and more!



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This is the final Screenshot-type post until the release! There's just over 8 days left until the release - I will probably post here semi-regularly regarding recent changes or new features until launch day next weekend. :)


Be sure to check out the Skulldash Website to count down the time with us and find out more information about the mod!




@Remmirath's "The Skyhold"

The first of two bosses in the community tier, The Dark Cardinal is in control of the Skyhold and is ready to dominate the world below!


Gear up and drop into battle; fighting this three-stage boss is no easy task, with massive radial fireball attacks, lightning fast rockets, a gap-closing 'hyper dash' and a tonne of health the Dark Cardinal makes the Overlord look like a walk in the park!








@Dragonfly's "The Promised Lands"

Your quest for Skulltokens has taken you far and wide, from the deepest depths of hell to the highest peaks of earth, it's time to ascend above it all and do battle with the Seraphim in the heavens above!


With massive attacks, this nimble sword-wielding archangel will do anything to protect the Skulltokens - Take to the skies with the flight sphere and show him who's boss!



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5 days until release!


So what's been happening since I last posted? The testing team & I have given a lot of our time to thoroughly test Skulldash and break it as best as we can! Release Candidate 1 (RC1) was pitched to the testers, which the team & I swiftly smashed to pieces, and in the process we located approximately 100 bugs and/or quality improvements! I personally have put in approximately 40 hours since I last posted on this thread to testing and fixing all known issues; what a weekend it's been.


At approximately midnight last night after I completed a mad bug-fixing session, RC2 was given to the testing team. We'll smash through one last time, which will help me ensure that Skulldash is as top-quality of a Doom mod as it can be, ready for you all to enjoy this Sunday, October 22nd!

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For anyone here who is a fan of MrIcarus' "Doom Mod Madness" videos, you may be pleased to know that he is doing a live stream tomorrow of Skulldash: Expanded Edition!

The stream will be between 3pm - 6pm BST (British Summer Time) on the below-linked channel. See you there! :D 




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I think I am suffocating. I need this in my life. You have a real sense of theme and atmosphere @Dragonfly


Note to self: Do NOT share or post anything you want others to notice starting on September 22 - January....2020!

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